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UACC Auction Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Why should I bid on the autographs for auction on the UACC Auction site?

A.  The UACC is the oldest and most respected autograph collecting club in the world.  We are a non-profit educational organization.  ALL people posting items for bid on the UACC Auction site are Registered Dealers.  These are the most professional dealers in the world and have followed the UACC Code of Ethics for many years.  They have all been screened by the UACC and have had to follow specific guidelines for membership.

Q.  I am not a UACC member, but would like to bid.  What should I do?

A.  All you need to do is register for the auction.  Though you don't need to be a member to bid, you are encouraged to join the club.  

Q. I just received notification that I won an item in the UACC Auction, where should I send the money?

A. It is the responsibility of the buyer and seller to contact each other within three days to complete the transaction.  Failure to pay for your winning auctions will result in immediate suspension from being able to bid on this site.

Q.  Who runs the UACC Auction website?

A.  'Autograph World' (UACC Registered Dealer #RD002) owns and operates the UACC Auction website.  The UACC is paid a fee for sponsorship of the site, and the UACC owns the domain name of  The UACC also screens all people that post items for bid on the site through the UACC Registered Dealer program.  

Q. Does the UACC issue a 'Certificate of Authenticity' with each piece sold?

A. The UACC does not issue 'Certificates of Authenticity' and you must ask each seller for a COA if you want one.  However, the UACC does not support COA's, and does not require any dealer to provide a COA.  Ask for a detailed receipt.

Q. Who do I make my payment out to?

A. You need to contact the seller and ask them.  Do not make the check out to the UACC.

Q. Do you have a feedback system?

A. Absolutely not!  EVERY seller on the UACC auction site is a UACC Registered Dealer.  These are the most professional dealers in the world and they strictly follow the UACC Code of Ethics. 

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