UACC Auction Rules

  1. You must have a bidder number to bid.

  2. You must be a UACC Registered Dealer to post items for auction.   Anyone may bid, after they have registered.

  3. The UACC reserves the right to reject a bid for any reason or to withdraw any lot for any reason. 

  4. All lots have minimum bids.  However, there is ABSOLUTELY NO BUYERS PREMIUM ADDED TO ANY BIDS!!

  5. All bid increments are 10% rounded up to the next whole dollar amount or $5, whichever is lower. So, if the current bid is $100.00, and you want to increase it, your bid will be $105.00. A bid of $5 would next go to $6.

  6. All winning bidders will be notified by email. It is the responsibility of the buyer and the seller to contact each other within three days to complete the transaction.  Transactions that are not completed in a timely fashion will result in immediate suspension of the buyer and/or seller.

  7. It is a rule of the UACC Code of Ethics that absolutely all autographs are guaranteed to be authentic by the seller and that the seller will abide by the UACC Code of Ethics in all transactions.  Failure to abide by the Code of Ethics could result in an ethics investigation and potentially lead to expulsion from the UACC.

  8. Individual sellers will set all shipping charges and buyers should inquire as to those charges before bidding on any item.

  9. Please make sure you are comfortable with the lot description and/or image before placing a bid. If you need further clarification, contact the seller before placing a bid.

  10. A charge of 6% on the winning bid price will be charged to the seller.  There is no charge to post an item.

  11. The UACC only wants serious bidders to participate in our on-line auctions. If you win an auction, then fail to pay for it, you will not be allowed to participate in the auctions again. We have the ability to disable your account permanently, and we will. The UACC will maintain a zero tolerance for deadbeat bidders.


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